This week our host Dimples on Demand is joined by Centearious White and Averlyn Browne.

We're talking all about:

  • Skills you need to do food delivery
  • Issues you should expect to deal with as a food delivery driver
  • Strategies we use to maximise our time and income
  • Precautions to take as food delivery drivers during the pandemic
  • What food delivery platforms and restaurant staff could do better
  • Our weirdest delivery stories

We're always looking for new topics to discuss and gig workers to feature, so reach out if you'd like to take part in a podcast or ask our panel some questions of your own.

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TOpics of the week

What skills do you need to do food delivery?

What issues should you expect to have to deal with as a food delivery driver?

What precautions do you take as a delivery driver during COVID?

Do you have any strategies that you use to maximise your income and time?

What food delivery platform have you been most successful on?

How do you balance work and life while doing food delivery?

What’s one thing food delivery platforms could do differently to make your lives easier?

What would the “ideal food delivery platform” for delivery drivers look like?

What was your weirdest delivery?

Do you ever crave the food you’re delivering to customers?

On which days of the year do you prefer to avoid doing delivery?

What’s one thing restaurant staff could do differently to make your lives easier?