This week our host Dimples on Demand is joined by GigLife.

We're talking all about:

  • What to consider before becoming an independent contractor
  • The process of signing up to gig platforms
  • How to set goals you can achieve
  • How we track our earnings and expenses as gig workers
  • Maintaining good ratings and protecting yourself from deactivation
  • The importance of solid customer service & multi-apping

We're always looking for new topics to discuss and gig workers to feature, so reach out if you'd like to take part in a podcast or ask our panel some questions of your own.

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TOpics of the week

What would you say are the most important things to consider before becoming an independent contractor?

How can someone determine if they're cut out for gig work or not?

How does the sign up process work when joining a gig app?

Any advice to maximize your chances of having a quick & successful background check?

How do you set goals as a gig worker and how do you make sure you hit them?

How do you track your earnings and manage your time as gig worker?

What should anyone getting into independent work know about the tax situation?

What are the most important expenses, apart from taxes, you need to consider?

How do you make sure you maintain good ratings as a gig worker?

How can you protect yourself from unfair deactivations as a gig worker?

How important is customer service in gig work and what are the main things you should do to ensure customers are happy with your service?

Are there other things we haven't discussed tonight that are fundamental parts of being an independent contractor?