This week our host Dimples on Demand is joined by Jen-on-the-Go! and A Journey with T.

We're talking all about:

  • The positive aspects of gig work
  • What we enjoy about it
  • Our favourite platforms
  • The feeling of community
  • Positive experiences
  • Funniest and craziest things that have happened to us
  • Habits and techniques that we use to lead our best gig worker lives
  • What we'd miss about gig work if we were to stop
  • Words of encouragement we'd share with people thinking about getting into gig work

We're always looking for new topics to discuss and gig workers to feature, so reach out if you'd like to take part in a podcast or ask our panel some questions of your own.

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TOpics of the week

What do you love most about doing gig work?

What is your favorite gig platform?

Do you feel like you belong to a community of gig workers?

Is there one positive experience as a gig worker that sticks out to you?

What's the funniest, craziest thing you've seen as a gig worker?

What habits do you like to repeat to keep your spirits up and enjoy your gig life?

Have you learned or picked up any techniques along the way that allow you to be a more successful gig worker?

If you were to stop gig work tomorrow, what would you miss the most about being a gig worker?

Is there anything you didn't think you'd like or would matter to you before getting into gig work that you ended up actually enjoying?

If anyone listening is considering getting into gig work but still undecided, what words of encouragement would you give to them?

If you had the opportunity to speak to your former self, back when you were considering gig work but hadn't gone for it yet, what would you say?