This week our host Dimples on Demand is joined by Driving with Jaz, JoeGig and Carson Briggs.

We're talking all about:

  • Why we started doing gig work
  • What we didn't realize before starting out
  • What we'd do differently if we were to start over
  • What we've learned to do better with experience
  • How gig work has shaped us
  • Advice we'd like to share with newbie gig workers

*We had a few technical issues this week and lost Carson halfway through the podcast but we'll be sure to get him back on an upcoming epsiode :)

We're always looking for new topics to discuss and gig workers to feature, so reach out if you'd like to take part in a podcast or ask our panel some questions of your own.

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TOpics of the week

How did you get into gig work?

How did you make the transition to full-time gig work?

What didn't you realize about gig work before getting started?

What would you tell your past self about gig work before getting started?

Do you have any regrets about getting into gig work?

What have you learned to do better as a gig worker?

How has gig work shaped you as a person?

Advice for newbie gig workers