WTF Uber?

WTF Uber?

Passengers and drivers are putting faith in a company that has proven time and time again that they cannot be trusted. Is Uber doing their due diligence to keep the public that's utilizing their service safe? I'm afraid the answer to that is reasonable safety would cost money that they don't want to spend. 

My impression is that, for purely budgetary reasons, Uber allows for thousands of sexual assault cases, batteries, and other bad things that can happen to a person, to keep happening. Creating an effective verification system for who the passengers are getting in the car with would cost a lot. It would also complicate the process of ordering a car when Uber wants to make the process, one click, as simple and easy as possible, even though we would all be considerably safer.

If somebody asked most of us 10 years ago if we would be getting in vehicles with strangers that have no experience as professional drivers, we would have all said no way.

The illusion that we know who is in our car or who is driving us and that they are properly vetted is important to their marketing and in itself makes us all unsafe. We are put at ease instead of being on guard and careful. The moment a woman sees that the license plate matches what they see on the app, they feel secure, but what if the driver lied about who they were when they signed up to drive?

Uber drivers aren't fingerprinted even though that's the only way to verify the applicant is who they say they are. There's no protocol to identify who gets in the car as a passenger so crimes have been committed to drivers by passengers that couldn't be located or identified. The passenger is rarely held accountable for the problems they cause but if a driver is accused by a passenger of driving under the influence or any other violation of community guidelines, they will be suspended pending an investigation and potentially permanently deactivated.

This was my fate the beginning of March 2020 and after being "deactivated effective immediately", over email I asked why.

They wouldn't tell me and I was surprised to find out that in California an employer doesn't have to say why they terminate workers. There is no opportunity for me to appeal this decision and most wrongful termination attorneys are waiting for court decisions on current cases of drivers that were deactivated before accepting any more clients.

After 3 years of driving, 10,000 trips, with a 4.98 rating, my career with Uber came to an end despite passengers telling me I was the best driver they've ever had every day.

It appears that in an attempt to streamline the operations of the company, a surprising number of good drivers have been falling through the cracks.     

They mislead the driver, they mislead the public.

Very recently drivers in California have been complaining the number of hours they are driving isn't being accurately kept in the app. The app is saying less hours than they actually drove and the money that's reserved for their healthcare as part of California's Prop 22 isn't being accurately counted.

It's my goal writing this to inform people that Uber cannot be trusted but I would really like to know why a multibillion-dollar disruptor tech company whose technology we all appreciate would choose greed over people.

They have spent a lot of money on safety but when you take into account the fact they've been in business for 10 years, it seems to me that they haven't done nearly enough.

I was under the impression that large Silicon Valley companies started a trend of being socially conscious years ago, so WTF Uber?

They're making enough money that instead of doing right by the public, they would rather pay off lawsuits and fines.

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