Why do gig work?

Why do gig work?

18 credit cards and 1 job ago, I was comfortable living paycheck to paycheck.

As long as I had enough money to pay my bills, dine in at restaurants, and travel the world, the thousands of dollars of debt that I had, plus interest, didn't bother me one bit. I figured that as long as I made my minimum monthly payments, I would be living my best life with whatever money remaining after paying all of my debts, even though it wasn't much.

I kept the cycle of debt going for as long as I could, meaning I'd make the minimum payment and use the credit card all over again.

I was proud to tell others that all of my credit cards were maxed out and I had no intentions on changing anything, until I met a guy that inspired me to get out of debt.

We were hanging out one evening, and the topic of debt came up and he mentioned that he didn't have any. I was amazed by the fact that he had paid off all of his debts, but I was comfortable with my financial decision to make the minimum payment no matter what. When he saw that I didn't care and that I was complacent with my financial ignorance, he looked me in my eyes and simply said, "Get rid of it. You don't need that hanging over your head."

I instantly became stressed out because not only was I about $17,000+ in credit card debt, I never had a thought about paying it off quickly, and I didn't have a visual as to how it would even get done.

I started working my regular 8 hour shift, increasing that by an additional 4-5 hours worth of overtime every night, and it wasn't easy. My job was already physically demanding and we never had enough people working on any given day, so achieving this goal was getting harder and harder as the weeks went by.

My body remained sore and working outside in the elements didn't fare well with my allergies. Giving up crossed my mind several times, but I couldn't do that because someone was cheering for me and someone was proud of me for going that extra mile.

When I got my first overtime check, it wasn't enough money, at least for the physical labor I was doing, and I told myself that there had to be another way.

I remember doing a google search for flexible part-time jobs, and Doordash was one of the options that came up. I spent hours doing research on YouTube to see what people thought about it and once I saw how much money people were able to make on their own time, I was sold.

I signed up, got approved, and had all of my materials sent to me within a week. After completing my first order on their platform, I was done doing overtime at work. I would get paid $7 to drive 1 mile, and sometimes $10 to go across the street. It felt good, and I was instantly addicted to making money and addicted to the flexibility that it allowed me to have.

So when it comes to answering the question as to why I do gig work, my answer is to gain financial freedom in a fun, flexible way.

I can start when I want, and I can end when I want. I can work for a full month and I can take a break for half a year. The idea of being in control of my time and choosing how my time would be spent really excited me.

I do gig work because the possibilities are endless. I want the income from this industry to buy me a new car, a new house, and a new travel experience that I once couldn't truly afford.

I love the fact that there's no limit as to how much I can make, and the only time the money stops is when I do.

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