Is the #DeclineNow movement worth it?

Is the #DeclineNow movement worth it?

DoorDash delivery drivers have started a movement called #DeclineNow that is getting some attention but needs even more. This was started by a Facebook group of drivers that consists of roughly 26,000 members. 

The goal is to up the pay from DoorDash themselves. A lot of people are unaware of the pay system DoorDash has set in place and customers only see their side of things. They don’t know how much money their dasher will make off of their order and it's fair to say Doordash should show more transparency to customers to better understand.

This movement is NOT to hate on customers. Tipping would definitely improve this situation but not everyone feels they need to tip. But dashers are providing a luxury service and they need to be fairly compensated for it. This really comes down to DoorDash and the fact that they need to start caring about and paying their dashers more. 

“The fundamental principles of the official #DeclineNow movement rely upon all drivers in the movement to exercise their right to use the decline button to decline lowball offers for higher, more feasible ones,”

says a Facebook user in the group. 

What will this do? Well, DoorDash has to keep sending these declined orders to other drivers. This is good because DoorDash ups the base pay on orders when they are continuously declined. Someone will hopefully get this order later but it will be a higher payout. The problem with that is the order could be late and then the dasher might receive a bad rating from the customer. This is not the drivers’ fault. DoorDash has taken steps to improve their ratings system for late orders but that doesn’t always stop the customer from treating the driver poorly.

There is always a negative side to every story. The main problem with this “movement” is that not everyone will follow along. There will always be a dasher out there that is willing to accept a $3 order. And that is just the sad truth of it. And the other sad part is that we don’t know how busy it will be that day or if there will be a better order that comes along. Not everyone is willing to take the day off if they are only getting trash orders. And some people will cave and take the bad ones, even though they are not technically making a profit after taxes and expenses. 

So what now? 

The #DeclineNow movement is a good way to try and get the attention of DoorDash. This is also a great way to help inexperienced dashers. Some dashers don’t know what a no tip order looks like as it takes a little time to figure everything out. But now all it takes is a quick google search. You don’t have to waste time figuring everything out with trial and error. 

The main thing you should do if you are a dasher is to keep declining orders.

We don’t know when Doordash will change its ways or if they ever will. DoorDash is not in the best financial situation and they cut costs in any way they can. And that just happens to be on us drivers.

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