Instacart double and triple batches: A pain in the shopper's ass

Instacart double and triple batches: A pain in the shopper's ass

Shopping for Instacart has become a lot like dating.

In the beginning, it was new, exciting, showed great promise and was sure to keep you coming back for more. Unfortunately, things changed and what was once something to look forward to, is now just flat out lackluster and unfulfilling.

Perhaps one of the most critical changes has been the implementation of double and triple orders. Although this may benefit the company, it ultimately hurts shoppers who are the driving force behind the whole operation. 

When I first started shopping for Instacart a little over two years ago, I honestly don’t ever remember having to do more than one order at a time. If there were such a thing as multiple orders, they were very much far and few in between. In fact, it wasn’t until the world was introduced to Covid-19 that things really took off for Instacart as an organization.

Before you knew it, business was booming and it seems as if the goal has shifted to serve the company while shortchanging the help ever since.  

Aside from being a total inconvenience, there are quite a few reasons why doing multiple orders at the same time is nothing but a big pain in the neck.

For one, it requires you to spend more time in the store and on the road, which ultimately keeps you from being able to move on to the next batch. In this business, time is money and the objective is always to get done with one, so you can swiftly move on to another.

An even bigger issue is that it’s just that much harder for shoppers to manage when they have to do multiple orders at the same time.

Shopping carts are only but so big and depending on the size of the orders, it can all be too much for just one person to handle. This is one of the main reasons I tend to stay away from doing multiple orders at stores like BJ’s and Costco. You’re expected to keep bulk items separated in a moderately sized shopping cart without getting anything mixed up. This can be both challenging and downright confusing. 

If there’s anything that’s more aggravating than having to shop for multiple people at the same time, it’s having to chat with them while doing it. This can also lead to confusion and make you reluctant to do other orders in the future. 

It’s really meant to be a simple process. After customers select the items, shoppers retrieve them and deliver. Unnecessary conversations with multiple people while trying to shop is nothing but a big distraction and an inconvenience. The harsh reality is, no one actually cares about what you have to go through to do the job. All that matters is that you get it done.

Overall, it seems as if the company’s attempting to save money by paying shoppers one half ass fee to do multiple jobs at once.

There’ve been several times that I’ve gotten a measly thirty or forty bucks to do multiple orders that came out to at least one-hundred dollars each.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize something’s not adding up.

Almost like a relationship, the honeymoon phase is over and Instacart has gotten way too comfortable with their shoppers.

Quite frankly, we’re tired of being taken for granted. We demand more and deserve better.

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