DoorDash VS Uber Eats VS Grubhub in 2021

DoorDash VS Uber Eats VS Grubhub in 2021

There are many options for gig work; today, I will be focusing on food delivery.

The major players in the game for food delivery are Grubhub, Uber Eats, and Doordash. There may be others in certain areas, but these are the big three when it comes to gig work.

You can make good money on all three, but it's wiser to weigh them all up against each other for maximum income. If someone is interested in doing food delivery for extra income, whether full or part-time, sign up for all of them to give yourself more options.

The requirements are pretty much the same for all of them; clean driving record, valid driver's license, clean background check, registered and insured vehicle, and in some cases, a bicycle. 

Let’s dive into the different companies by my personal rank.

3) Doordash

Coming in at number #3 would be Doordash.

I find that Doordash can keep you busy depending on your area, but the amount of money you make is not as profitable as the other two.

You pick certain areas of the city to work and then choose from the available time slots in that area. The good thing about Doordash is that even if there are no time slots, if you go to that area and watch the app, you will see the area become available, and you will be able to work. The bad part is that it may take a while for that to happen.

A positive to delivering in a particular area is that you are close to the restaurant and the customer. Depending on how busy it is, you can do several orders in an hour.

The negative is that you aren't going too far, so the orders may consistently be lower in pay, and if not as busy, you won't make much money. 

This is where tips make or break the order.

I find that their promotions aren’t as good as the other two companies. They may offer an extra couple of dollars per order if busy, but the orders may only be like $5-$7. I find that without the promotions, the orders are low in pay, and for the distance and amount of time, having to wait for the order, especially during covid, isn't worth those couple of dollars.

I lose money when I work for Doordash and will only work it if it is worth it. Every area is different, and I recommend that everyone signs up for Doordash, even if they do not use it. You can still make good money; you may have to work longer to get it.

2) Uber Eats

Coming in at #2 would be Uber Eats.

I love Uber Eats; it's well known and more popular than DoorDash. Whether you like them or not, Uber has made a name for itself in the food delivery business. They just recently bought out some minor competition which was Postmates, so you can tell the company is doing well.

You can make some good money with Uber Eats, because of their setup.

When a customer orders from the Uber Eats platform, they can order food from anywhere and from anyone on the app. So, you can deliver food across town, which means more money. You get paid for time and distance, so the further away it is, the more money you make. That is not including the payment from the order or the tip.

Another great thing about Uber Eats is that you can sign on and off whenever you want to, you do not have to pick time slots or be in a specific area.

You can literally work whenever and wherever you want.

So, if you're going to do a few orders before or after work, you can without having to really plan. Depending on your area, there should be orders available 24 hours a day. As long as there are restaurants open on the platform, you can make money.

Uber offers weekly promotions and incentives to deliver on its platform. So, if you do so many orders for the week, you get x amount of dollars. These promotions depend on the area you work in and also on your rating and performance. You may find that other drivers may have promotions that are different from you or none. Uber is a performance-based platform. If you do well and are consistent, they reward you with better promotions.

Uber offers multiple ways to deliver depending on the area you work in. You can deliver food with a bicycle and make money that way. That comes in handy when you do not own a vehicle of your own. In certain areas, Uber has a partnership with Hertz where you can rent cars to do gig work. The bad part is that the rental sites are only in select major cities. 

1) Grubhub

That leaves us with my favorite and #1 food delivery platform, Grubhub.

Grubhub, to me, is the best because I make the most money from the platform.

The minimum I make on a Grubhub order in my area is $6, and I rarely get those low orders. You may see more orders $8 and up, and you can see higher tips from customers using Grubhub. I can do orders for $15 and up to $40 an order. It all depends on the restaurant and the tips. Tips make or break the order, and depending on the area you work in, you can make a lot of money with Grubhub.

Grubhub has great promotions, and they are more active. Meaning that if the demand for food is high, they will send out a text to you, giving you an immediate incentive to come out and work. If you are already out, you receive that promotion without even knowing about it.

With Grubhub, similar to DoorDash, you do need to schedule when you work. If you do well and are consistent with Grubhub, you get early access to scheduling blocks. They are first-come, first-serve, so it is essential to pick at the designated times and work your scheduled blocks consistently.

I love Grubhub because they will send you gear and bags to help you be successful and professional while delivering on their platform. They have sent me t-shirts, a hat, a sign saying I'm delivering, and amazing insulated food bags. They also offer other gear and equipment that you can order right from the app.

Even though Uber Eats allows the freedom to work whenever, Grubhub makes my time out there worthwhile.

In the gig industry, time is money, and you want to make the most money in the amount of time you have set aside to work. 

If you are looking to deliver food for extra income, it is best to research what services are in your area and make sure that you sign up for all of them. If something happens where you cannot deliver for one, you will have others to fall back on. There are pros and cons to all of them, but it really boils down to how busy it is and how well the customers tip. Promotions and incentives are not available all of the time or in certain areas, so it is best to compare what is going on with each app before deciding to work that day.

This is my particular rank and preference, but your area may be different, and you may find you make more money on a different platform. No matter what platform you choose, you will be able to make money. Food delivery is a great and safe way to make money and is a better alternative than getting a second job.

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