Am I doing the most as a gig worker?

Am I doing the most as a gig worker?

I really enjoy being a part-time Instacart Shopper. I have helped various people, from busy moms to senior citizens and even college students who are so consumed with their studies that they can’t leave their dorms.

Regardless of the clients, my level of customer service remains consistent.

I have been an Instacart Shopper since 2017. Having a background in customer service and social services, I must say I have a level of patience that most don’t possess.  

My first Instacart batch this past Saturday started the same way they all start. I send my introduction message to my customer, “Hi my name is Anne and I will be your Instacart shopper for today”. I proceed to shop for the customer’s order with speed and efficiency. I like to involve my customers in the shopping experience, while not bombarding them with too many messages. I inform the customer that although they requested a 2-pound pack of ground beef, there was only a 2.25-pound package available. I ask “is this increase in weight ok with you?” 

I place fresh seafood on ice, I make sure not to select produce that is spoiling, I handle the delicate items such as bananas, bread, and eggs with extreme care. I over-communicate, and I ask permission to substitute an item. The customer truly runs the show and I am here to work.

Regardless of the order size or the payout, every customer receives the exact same level of quality customer service. Once I complete the shop, I close out with a salutation “I’m headed to check out. It was my pleasure shopping for you. I will see you shortly.”

The question is, am I doing the most? Is over-communicating, being extra careful and selective going overboard?

The simplest orders that should not take more than 20 minutes, sometimes will have me in the store for over an hour.

I will spend extra time in the store making sure that the rotisserie chicken a customer requested is cooked to perfection. I have offered Clorox wipes and Lysol spray even if it was not on the customer's shopping list. Why do I do this? Well, I know it is a hot item, so why not offer this to the customer if it is available.

I will leave a checkout line when a non-responsive customer finally responds to the 10+ messages I sent to them during the duration of the shopping trip. I have literally taken everything that I have loaded onto the belt off and placed it back in my cart to run back to pick up a few items that are special requests at the last minute. 

Is what I am doing worth it? For me it is! As an Instacart shopper, I really try to put myself in my customer’s shoes. I shop for them the way I shop for myself.

To many people, my actions are over the top. A customer who has ordered from Instacart 150+ times recently left me a comment saying “Anne was incredibly helpful, going above and beyond to communicate and get everything I needed. My best experience with Instacart to date.” This customer also increased her tip. 

Clearly, my tactics are working in my favor. I have maintained a five-star rating for many years. Even when it fell to 4.98 it only took a few days for me to climb back to 5.0. I have friends who are below a 5.0 and if we stand side by side analyzing the batches on both of our phones, the “better” batches would appear on my phone first. 

Is all of this over the top? YES! Am I doing the most? YESSS!!!

My tactics, although extra, have earned me a decent amount of money. My tips have increased and so have my ratings. 

I probably need to get better with my time management and be a bit more strict when it comes to not turning back once I have completed the shopping but, for now, while Instacart is still hot; I will continue doing the MOST.

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