A typical day doing DoorDash delivery in 2021

A typical day doing DoorDash delivery in 2021

If wasting time, effort, and energy was a person, it would be DoorDash!

Over the past several weeks, I find myself waking up with the excitement to make a lot of money. I start my day by singing off-key in the shower, brushing my teeth, and enjoying a candy bar for breakfast.

Once I'm fully dressed and presentable, I get in the car, drive to an area that's plastered with restaurants, and activate the 'Dash Now,' button. I begin to receive offers, one after the next: $3.25 to drive 7 miles, $4.20 to drive 6 miles, $3.75 to drive 5 miles, and $6.25 to drive 6 miles, all of which were quickly declined.

After declining multiple offers, one after the next, I turn on other apps like GrubHub and UberEats, while simultaneously allowing the DoorDash offers to timeout on their own. Looking up at the clock, I notice that 30 minutes had gone by without a single decent order coming my way. To eliminate my frustration, and stop myself from going back home, I sit in the parking lot of the strip mall I was in, watch some YouTube videos that were saved in my 'Watch Later' archive, while still attempting to search for orders.

After roughly an hour, I finally get an order worth taking, $9 to go 2 miles. Though the initial excitement has left my body, I restart my vehicle, and head to the restaurant. Once I arrive, I go inside and approach the cashier to inform them that I'm here to pick up a DoorDash order, only to be told to head to the 'Online Pick-Up' area, something that they didn't have before.

I walk a few feet to the new pick-up area, and notice that my customer's order isn't quite ready. Even though I'm accustomed to waiting on orders at this particular establishment, I was starting to feel some type of way.

I woke up with great determination to make so many dollars, just to sit and decline orders for an hour, and when I finally get something worth blinking my eyes for, here I am waiting, again.

After waiting approximately 8 minutes, which felt like forever, I go to the drop-off location, set the items on the customer's porch, snap and upload the picture within the DoorDash platform, and complete the delivery.

Now that I've taken my first decent order for the day to get the ball rolling, I'm ready for the next offer which happens to be $3.00 to drive 4.3 miles. I let that order timeout because I just got a notification from UberEats, $2.34 to drive 5.6 miles. I turn off all of the other apps and I solely focus my attention on DoorDash. Though none of the offers are worth it, I still leave it on, with the anticipation of receiving something worth moving for. As I head back to my zone of restaurants, I end up sitting, declining, sitting some more, reading emails, responding to YouTube comments, and talking on the phone.

After finally receiving another order worth taking, and declining everything else that came after, I ended my Dash and went home, total payout, $18.00.

Now one might inquire as to the time of day, or day of the week that I had gone out, and though that plays a major role in some of this, it's deeper than that.

Due to the fact that DoorDash lacks transparency, and wants one to work for pennies on the dollar, I waste time trying to debunk these orders to see what DoorDash is truly paying.

It has been brought to my attention that the $5, $6, and $7 offers contain hidden tips, not just the $8.50 orders. So because of this, it leaves me to wonder about that $6.25 order I declined 2 hours ago and if the final payout would've been $11, or if the $4.75 order I looked over would've been $8.

So when people ask me what it's like to be a DoorDash driver in 2021, I can only say that it's a waste of time and isn't worth doing. Unless you're willing to take everything that comes across your screen, you end up spending more time declining orders, instead of fulfilling them. And if you're not declining orders, you're waiting around for orders to be cooked and prepared, due to restaurants being understaffed.

So even though DoorDash is by far the most popular and busiest delivery app in my area, it's been a complete waste of my time these past few weeks, and I can only hope that it gets better from here.

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